This section will contain stuff like funny/unusual things that happened during attempting the levels, trick demos showing things which won't be used in speedruns, or a different kind of run through the levels.
You need game version 1.07 to play the demos.

Demo - Kleer Hat
Video - Kleer Hat (Video created by dex)

This was a funny thing that happened to BoltR when we were cooping Sierra de Chiapas on Tourist. A Kleer jumped on his head and stayed there for a moment, the situation was conveniently named "Kleer Hat" :) Pretty awesome.
To switch view in the demo, press num plus or num minus. You can also switch to multiview with num 1-4.

Demo - No-Damage run on Serious by DavizZz

DavizZz made a No-Damage run on Serious through the long corridor in the level The Grand Cathedral. He did get hit a bit at the end because of the explosion of one of the Cannonballs, but we'll forgive him for that ;) It's a nice run.
A while back I made a video for him but I don't have that video anymore. I'll probably create another video sometime in the future.
Also, I should note that he got all weapons right away and maxed his health, armor, and ammo (Or at least enough of it ;)). And DavizZz intentionally used no Serious Bombs to make it more interesting.
The run length is 0:32:44.