This section will contain stuff like funny/unusual things that happened during attempting the levels, trick demos showing things which won't be used in speedruns, or a different kind of run through the levels.
You need game version 2.070 to play the demos.

Demo - Getting out of the flying vehicle in Floaterra

A trick Ewil found in the level Floaterra. If you position yourself correctly on the flying vehicle and move forwards (It's quite random to get it done) you'll start to float upwards slowly until you can get out of the flying vehicle and then... fall to your death :D Well, maybe it could also be done when the flying vehicle is about to land on the ground so then you wouldn't die, but I'm not sure if anyone was successful doing that.

Demo - Going Out of Bounds in Jungle

Cortez uses Dino to climb some rocks and get on higher ground from where you can fall Out of Bounds.

Demo - Walking around on the landscape in Coast 2 Cost

The method of getting out of the gameplay area onto the hill is also used in a speedrun, but Cortez shows some more landscape. And he shows that the end level trigger isn't there yet ;) It's also possible to walk on the whole sea and even get on the islands you can see in the distance.

Demo - Getting behind the last gate in Deadwood

In this demo Cortez shows that it's possible to get behind the final gate where the level ends. To get there he uses a trick where if you grab a barrel and put the barrel on some higher ground and then jump while holding it grabbed, you'll jump higher.

Demo - Getting out of the big log in Giant Junkyard

And here Cortez shows that there's a hole in the log so that you can get in the area behind the log without first battling the enemies to get rid of the rocks blocking your way. The enemies still need to be defeated though (Which is why the speedrun doesn't use this log trick because it's faster to fight the enemies immediately instead of first getting out of the log) in order for the torch to appear near the big poo.

Demo - Skipping the hopper part in Branchester

Cortez shows a way of crate-building to freedom, except that, as is often the case in SS2, nothing in the rest of the level will be triggered and thus you can't finish the level :( You can't even pull the levers in the last part...